“Economically Unattractive” – How a Prenup Can Help


Have you noticed that less and less people seem to be getting married these days? It is not just in your imagination. Marriage rates have not been this low since the 1860s!

Cornell University researchers believe the underlying reason behind marriage’s decline is related to a lack of “economically attractive” men. More and more men are either not earning a bachelor’s degree or failing to maintain gainful employment that pays at least $40,000 a year. On the other hand, women are steadily overtaking men as the top household earners, on average.

(You can click here to view a brief video report from CNN about the “economically unattractive” phenomenon across the country and how it is affecting marriage rates.)

Protect Your Assets Now & Later with a Prenup

Whether you earn more than your future spouse, or have a larger estate coming into your relationship, you and your future spouse can decide how your income and assets will be treated both during your marriage and in the event of divorce. A prenuptial is a type of separation agreement that you create before you ever get married. Using this family law tool, you can decide what to do with your property in case of divorce.

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