Russell Crowe Raises Money for Charity & Alimony in Superstar Divorce Auction

Russell Crowe imageRussell Crowe, the Oscar award-winning actor you might know from movies like Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind, finalized his divorce from Australian actress Danielle Spencer in April 2018 after 15 years of marriage. The actor held a “Divorce Auction” on April 7th, 2018 – the date is both his birthday and his wedding anniversary with Danielle – to sell personal property and movie memorabilia to help fund the divorce.

The auction was hosted by Sotheby’s of Australia and consisted of high-end watches, luxury vehicles, classic art, and vintage wine collected by Mr. Crowe. The actor also sold parts of his movie memorabilia, such as the armor worn in Gladiator, which sold for $152,500; a violin and costume from Master and Commander, which sold for $164,700 and $140,300, respectively; and a satin robe worn in Cinderella Man, which sold for $24,400.

In total, “The Art of Divorce” raked in over $3.7 million for Mr. Crowe. While the actor plans to use some of the money to pay alimony to his ex-wife, a portion of the proceeds from the auction will also be donated to the A.C.M.F. charity, which “provides free music education and instruments to disadvantaged and indigenous children and youth at risk in Sydney”, according to a New York Times article.

To check out some of the items sold in the action, you can visit Sotheby’s of Australia’s site for “The Art of Divorce.”

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