Swedish Hotel Provides Refunds for Divorce Couples

View of Countryside Hotels in Sweden

View of Countryside Hotels in Sweden

Many hotels advertise promotional rates but a Swedish hotel chain now offers an unusual promotion – if you divorce within one year of staying at one of their property, your stay is free.

Countryside Hotels, a luxury hotel and inns chain in Sweden, recently started a “Relationship Guarantee” promotion. Any married couple that stays at least two nights at any of the 40 different Countryside properties is eligible for a two night refund if that couple separates and divorces within a year of the stay. Countryside Hotels’ marketing officer Anna Madsen stated the promotion is intended to make people realize “how beneficial it can be to get away for a while and devote time to each other.”

The “Relationship Guarantee” is simple – the couple must mention the promotion at booking and share a room for at least two nights. If that couple divorces within a year, they can submit their divorce paperwork to Countryside who will credit two nights for free.

Although an intriguing promotion, you probably will not see if followed by North Carolina hotels due to the lengthy period of separation required before filing for divorce. Under North Carolina law, a couple must live separate and apart for at least 366 days before filing for divorce. Under Swedish law, parties can immediately file for divorce if they consent and there are no children under the age of 16. Even if one party does not consent or if there are children born of the marriage under the age of 16, Swedish law only requires a 6-month consideration period before filing for divorce.

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