Back to School - Are You Ready?

Back to School Flyer

Back to School Flyer

As children across North Carolina get ready for the start of another school year, North Carolina parents need to also look at their Child Custody Order to prepare for the new school year.

North Carolina Child Custody Orders often set two visitation schedules; one during the summer break, and another during the school year. The beginning of another school year can also mean a change in your visitation schedule. Many Child Custody Orders also coincide with the school schedule and holiday calendar. A parent may pick-up, drop-off, and even have a child for additional overnight custody based upon the school schedule. For example, a Child Custody Order may state that a custody period begins “from the time school recesses”, or that a custody period ends “at the time school resumes”, or that one parent has visitation during any “teacher workdays”. It is important to know your Child Custody Order, but also to know your child’s school calendar.

Child Custody Orders do not just affect visitation schedules, they can also impact where your child goes to school. If you live in a different school zone than the other parent, whose residence should be used to determine the child’s school zone? What happens if a parent moves and is no longer zoned for your child’s school? While some Orders may be silent on this issue, well-drafted Child Custody Orders will fully address these important points to avoid unnecessary argument, litigation, and legal costs.

Whether it is determining the school-year visitation schedule or establishing which school your child goes to, a Child Custody Order can have a significant impact on your child’s education. If you have questions regarding your Child Custody Order or want to modify an Order, please contact us today at (704) 810-1400 to schedule a consultation.

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