What To Expect When You Meet Your Divorce Attorney

Lawyer Holding Divorce Papers

Meeting with a divorce attorney can be daunting. At Miller Cushing Holladay, we want to make you feel welcome in our office and feel as though you are a part of our Team. Your legal success depends upon everyone on your Team, and you are an integral part of that success! Here are the Top 5 Things people have told us they have learned during our first meetings, and things they wished they had remembered to ask:

  1. Alimony is NOT guaranteed to be granted in any case.
  2. Child custody has 2 components - Physical custody and Legal custody.
  3. Adultery is not considered in property division unless it had a financial impact on the marital estate.
  4. Living in separate bedrooms does not count as being “separated”.
  5. You can retain more control over the outcome of your case in a mediation rather than in a Courtroom.

Many clients report wishing they had asked more questions about financial issues and how they are handled in Court, most often relating to spousal support. Attorneys are better equipped to give you specific, detailed advice and recommendations if you come to your consultation with as many relevant financial documents as you can gather. These would include current pay stubs, bank statements and credit card statements, as well as tax returns.

When we meet to discuss your case, we will go over all financial documents and make a list of any additional documents we will need for your file.

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