Divorce Rates by Occupation

In a prior blog post, we found it was a myth that half of all marriages end in divorce, despite the general public perception.  While the divorce rate is a regular topic of conversation, until now no one had performed a study of the different divorce rates by occupation.

Statistician Nathan Yau published his findings of data analyzed from the United States Census Bureau’s 5-Year American Community Survey to a compile a list of divorce rates by occupation.  To determine divorce rates, Mr. Yau calculated the rate of professionals in any given career that have been married at least once and divorced at least once.  The list includes 500 professions and found that actuaries have the lowest divorce rate at just 17% versus gaming mangers who have the highest divorce rate at 52.9%.  A complete list can be found here, but below are the “top 5” for lowest and highest divorce rates:

Lowest Divorce Rate

  1. Actuaries – 17%
  2. Physical Scientists – 18.9%
  3. Medical Scientists and Life Scientists – 19.6%
  4. Clergy – 19.8%
  5. Software Developers (applications and systems software) – 20.3%

Highest Divorce Rate

  1. Gaming managers – 52.9%
  2. Bartenders – 52.7%
  3. Flight Attendants – 50.5%
  4. Gaming Service Workers – 50.3%
  5. Rolling Machine Setters, Operates, and Tenders (metal and plastic) – 50.1%

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