Child Support Payment Methods

North Carolina child support can be paid from one parent to the other via multiple avenues. The most common methods of child support payments are: (1) direct payment to the other parent; (2) wage withholdings; and (3) through North Carolina Child Support Centralized Collections.

When paying child support directly to another parent, the payor has a duty to ensure delivery by a specific date. Payments can be processed via cash, check cashier’s check, automatic bank transfer, or otherwise depending on what the parties agreed to or what a Court has ordered. While this method is followed by many parents throughout the state, sometimes issues arise with checks are lost in the mail or bank transfers are not processed properly.

Under child support wage withholding, an employer is required to deduct a specific amount from the payor parent’s wages to pay child support to another parent. This method must be ordered by the court or agreed to by the parties. An added bonus of this method for some parents is the security in knowing that child support will automatically be deducted and paid each month. This, of course, has shortcomings if the paying parent has an unsteady work situation or if their wages significantly reduce and cannot meet the stated child support amount.

Child Support can also be paid in North Carolina via North Carolina Child Support Centralized Collections. Under this method, a parent is ordered to or agrees to make their child support payments to a North Carolina agency, often referred to as Centralized Collections. This department then distributes child support payments to the other parent. The agency keeps a record of payments so any non-payment is cataloged and can be used in court in the event of a dispute.

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